Artist’s Statement

Bob Grant painting in Maine
Painting in Maine

“What do you paint?” people ask me. While my subject matter comes mostly from coastal Maine and the foothills of the Berkshires, these favorite places only provide the occasion, either en plein air or from photographs I have taken. I paint light—the moment, character, and effect of light.

I do this with transparent watercolors, water-based pigments that allow ambient light to pass through and be reflected by the painted surface.

This is my medium of choice because it feels uniquely suited to my purpose. Unlike oil painting for instance, the effects of light are not painted; they are revealed. The white surface on which I paint provides the light, as in photography and printing. The careful yet free-flowing application of transparent watercolor, shaped with line and enlivened by value relationships, reveals the light.

In recent years I have found doing this in miniature happily challenging and rewarding, adding another dimension to my interest.

About the Artist

Robert Grant is a signature member of The Garden State Watercolor Society and The New England Watercolor Society. Additionally, his work has been juried into the following exhibitions: The New Jersey Watercolor Society, The North East Watercolor Societies, The Miniature Art Society of Florida, and The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. The latter two are international in scope.

Bob, as he is known by friends, began painting watercolors a few years before he retired in 1997 from a forty-year career as an ordained minister in The United Methodist Church. His wife Nancy and he summer in Boothbay, Maine and live in the off-season in Haydenville, Massachusetts.